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        Industry Applications
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        Daily Bin
            In food and pharmaceutical industries, raw material comes into factory usually in form of bag package or hopper truck. Raw material has to be unloaded, stored, screened, dosed, grinded and mixed before going into downstream process. Pneumatic conveying is widely used for linking process steps and makes the whole plant under automatic control.
            Due to stringent hygienic requirement in food and pharmaceutical industries, processing equipment has to be easy to clean. For material like pignut, soybean and coffee bean, pneumatic conveying must be carefully calculated and designed, and optimized pipe routine should be used to reduce conveying velocity so as to avoid severe breakage rate.
         ★ Easy to clean and no residue
              Quick disassemble and round design, no dead corner, inside / outside surface polishing Ra0.2 / Ra0.8
         ★ CIP cleaning
              Stainless steel 316L, adequate design of drainage and drying, fulfill requirement of GMP
         ★ Automatic proportioning
              Precision: major component 5‰, minor component 2‰
         ★ Degradation of material
              Lower than 1‰ of material fragmentation can be reached via pneumatic conveying
         ★ Storage silo
              Special design of silo can be provided for instance venting, nitrogen sealing and explosion pressure release

            Sino - Auto® can provide complete solutions for your solid material handling in all stages in food and pharmaceutical processing. Optimal container unloading and small bag unloading technique is the best way for you to reduce cost and improve production efficiency. Lower product fragmentation and residue can be realized due to optimized pneumatic conveying. Quick disassemble design and modular design of processing equipment enable system easy to meet stringent requirement of GMP. Automatic proportioning system has accurate precision and is open for customer to do on-line recipe management and provide an option of historic data retrieval and downloading.
        Blending Silo Conveying Station & Deduster- Guangxi Forise >>Click on

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