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        Industry Applications
        HOME >> Industry ApplicationsPolymerization
            In the synthesis process of polymers like PE, PP, PTA, PVA,PA, PC, ABS, and POM, the finish products will be conveyed, homogenized, stored and packed or newly popular bulk container loaded before entering market.
        PTA Synthesis- BP Zhuhai >>Clock on PVA Synthesis- Ningxiadadi >>Click on

            In order to ensure safety production and product quality, any handling process for powder and pellets has to be tailored design according to material characteristics. Measures listed in the following column must be taken at the stage of system design.

        ★ Large conveying capacity and long conveying distance (e.g. PTA)
             Inner pass conveying technique, conveying capacity up to 150 t/h
        ★ Pellet conveying needs to avoid fluff and stream
             Optimized dilute phase conveying + use of shot peened pipe or dense phase conveying
        ★ Homogenizing of finish product
             Blending silo
        ★ Bulk Loading
             Hopper truck and sea container
            Sino - Auto® can provide you reliable, energy saving and high quality solution of pneumatic conveying and our bulk container loading system will save plenty of cost in logistics for your company.

        Flow Chart

        Construction- Datang 460kt/a PP Plant >>Click on

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