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      1. mg电子游戏


        ABOUT US
        HOME >> ABOUT USR & D Center
        Sino-Auto R & D center is located in Panyu District ,Guangzhou.  It was officially completed on August 2015 after a year of preparation and construction. We have large/small bag unloading station, breaking cyclone separator, bin top deduster, concentrated deduster, feeding machine, escaped gas tank, blow tank, 4 multi-chamber blending silo, elutriator, material analysis hopper, receiving tank, multi-channel receiving tubes and other domestic and foreign advanced analysis testing and research equipments. Welcome the industry to visit the center and have exchanges of know-how.
        We built a property database of bulk material that we have ever handled or we have tested in our lab. For new materials, properties for design can be provided by customer or acquired via lab test.
        Material test will contain the following contents:
         Basic properties testing: granularity, bulk density, angle of repose, water content, adhesion, explosion and suspension speed, etc.
         Pneumatic conveying test: dilute phase, dense phase conveying
         Mass flow silo test


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