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        Industry Applications
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        Mobile Blow Tank for Cathode Material
            Quality of raw material is essential for capacity and life time of lithium battery. Cathode and anode material has to be discharged from container, stored in silo and precisely dosed according to recipe before entering dispersion machine. And how to avoid moisture and metal penetrating into system, furthermore precision control of dosing is very important for lithium battery manufacturing.
            Cathode material, e.g. Cobalt acid lithium, lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials have high viscosity, high density, abrasion characteristics. Anode material e.g. carbon powder has super light specific gravity, ultrafine particle size, and poor liquidity characteristics.
            To meet special demand of process, Sino-Auto has developed a series of innovative processing technology, effectively solved the carbon powder blocking issue, pipe abrasion of anode material (lithium iron phosphate, cobalt acid lithium) and improved batching accuracy and optimized recipe management. Sino - Auto® innovative bulk materials handling technology fully solved these problems, greatly improve the workshop production environment and improve the product quality.
        ★ Lithium iron phosphate is sticky and not easy to discharge
        Special design for outlet and discharging method of silo and mobile container
        ★ Cathode material abrasive
        By use of wear proof conveying pipe with inner lining of ceramic / SiC
        ★ Pipe blockage of Carbon black
        Utilize slim tube dense phase conveying
        ★ Recipe management and dosing precision
        Optimized proportioning system can ensure 2‰ of dosing precision and is possible for on-line recipe retrieval, data download, revision and searching of recipe
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